Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worky work, busy bee

Nothing of note to report today. I attempted to add Amazon mp3 sales to one of my web sites. The web site promptly crashed. My current theory is the iframe tag used by Amazon does not work with my hosting company. Of course being the small player that I am neither company will make an effort to assist my dilemma. I can't really blame them, after all fixing my little problem could wreck other users.

I have restored the web site to its prior glory. However I have elected to NOT include music sales at this time. Bummer.

In one of my prior posts I indicated that my goal is to write 4 posts per week. I'm still on track for that weekly goal. I have not given up and absconded with the loot. Loot???? ok no loot to abscond with...darn!!!

My newest goal is to help Surfin' Sid expand by posting two new articles by the end of the month.

Has anyone talked to Sn ack er recently?

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