Thursday, February 21, 2008

Non-cyber Marketing

Here is an idea to market your website off-line.
I created a flyer to post on physical bulletin boards at the local Community College. It has tabs that have web addresses that people can rip off and take with them. The thought is that the flyer will ensorcell students to visit my sites and then click on the Adsense ads generating income for me. I plan on making another set for one of the Universities in town.

Some totals:
Visitors to the two blogs: 31 in the last 30 days according to
This blog is averaging 2 subscribers per day with a high of 6 on a single day.
Visitors to this site are mainly from the US but I have had visitors from Norway, Malaysia, and Belgium.

FYI: Last night the blogger website added a small-but-crazy-useful new feature for all Blogger blogs: subscribing to comments via email. This makes it a lot easier to stay in the conversational loop after you’ve commented on a post somewhere.

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