Friday, February 22, 2008

Video & Adsense

I was logged into my Adsense account and was disappointed with the results so far. I'm not earning much at all. Probably because the visits to my sites have not exploded yet. One day they will. At least I hope that they will.

While I was logged into Adsense I was browsing the different options and saw an option to include video units as part of my advertising mix. Clicking on the video units option I discovered that you need to have a YouTube account. Fortunately I already had one and so I linked it to my Adsense account. The linking included me typing in my Adsense account email address, part of my phone number and my zip code.

I was then taken to an options page in YouTube. It was a pretty seamless hand off from Google to YouTube, no user name and password to type in. And I can hop back and forth between the two accounts pretty easily.

On the edit Adsense player page [on the YouTube site] I entered the player name [America's Beach Bum], selected a color scheme, and entered some content keywords and voila! HTML code is created that you can cut and paste into a web page.

You can see an example at America's Beach Bum.

My assumption is that a visitor must click on one of the ads on the player for you to earn anything. Initially I thought that I might earn $$$ if someone played a video but I don't think that is true. If you know otherwise post a comment.

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