Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paradise Lost....actually just data lost.

No post yesterday due to a very busy/hectic day. First and biggest problem was I lost my homework for my Java Programming class. I had spent close to 5 hours on Sunday working on 4 programs that were due Monday. The programs were worth 25 points each so losing them would devastate my grade. I was crushed and very unhappy.

How did I lose these files? I don't know...I had been saving them to a USB thumb drive so I could transport the program files back and forth to class. And now the thumb drive won't work.
In addition to losing these program files I also lost the files I use to work on various web sites. This only hurts a little bit because I can always download the current files from the web host.
I wasn't able to spend much time trying to recover the files first thing because I had to visit a branch office to do some training so I took the thumb drive with me. The training ended up being held in a storage room because the PC that the branch manager was planning on me using would not boot. I think his hard drive failed. Not a good day for computer equipment.

After work I headed to the computer lab at school to try recreating my programs. I was able to finish 3 of the 4 before the end of class. I expected the instructor to be inimical but he was super cool and gave me until Saturday to turn in the last program. I lucked out because I am not going to be in class Wednesday due to a business trip to Orlando. Not only am I missing class but I'm missing a test as well. I will have to make up the test next Monday night but I get a few extra days to study.

A few updates...
MTurk is still less than $40.00
I missed my 2 post goal for the site
I made my 4 post goal for this site!!!

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