Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

- Ben Franklin

Okay I'm taking Mr. Franklin's "theory" and using money saved as a type of alternative income. So I am going to occasionally discuss ways to save money or make lists to web sites that give money saving ideas.

Over at Surfin Sid posted a short article on September 19th about green ways to save money.

Look here for the article:

Do you have a site that relates to saving or making money let me know. If I think it fits I may mention it and link to it in future posts. After all links mean money!!!

Mechanical Turk update:
Still have not reached $40.00 I've been slacking off due to working my two blogs and my "real" job and taking a class at the local community college. I hope to reach $40.00 before the end of next week though. WooHoo!

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