Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Today's topic is Amazon's Mechanical Turk [AMT].

AMT allows developers to create Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs that are essentially requests for work to be done for them. These HITS allow potential workers and developers to find each other. The worker, commonly called either a Turker or MTurker, can pick from any HIT that they are qualified to complete. As a Turker you must have Internet access, an Amazon account and be at least 18 years old. Well, that's a very brief summary of AMT. I'll expand on it in my next post.

I have worked since August as a Turker in my spare time. Usually sitting in front of the TV while surfing the Internet I'll work some easy HITs in the evening. Some are kind of funny and I can get my family involved. You probably won't make a fortune with AMT. My plan right now is to earn enough for a nice scanner.

Current results: $35.21

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