Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monetize your web presence - part 3

Producing content and advertising

Now that you have secured a domain name and you know where your site will be hosted the next step is to create content. You know what your topic is so start writing. I recommend setting a goal for yourself. I have set a goal of at least 4 posts on this blog and 2 for site. I also try to make some head way on the site.

Once you have some content it is time to sign up for some advertising. Right now my two primary advertisers are Google's Adsense and Amazon's Affiliate programs. So far no sales on Amazon but it is still early. I have not earned to much more than that through Google's Adsense, but it is starting to pick up.

Every time someone clicks on one of the "ads by Google" links I earn a little bit of money. The amount varies depending on how much the advertiser bid to get listed. As I start using other advertising programs I'll keep everyone informed as to the success of each one.With Google I just pick the type of ad I want, select the formatting, and copy the code to paste into my website. Pretty easy.

Up next: Driving traffic to your site.

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