Thursday, July 31, 2008

Giving Yuwie a try

As I was doing my daily Entrecard drops I paused and read Earn Money Online for Free's post about Yuwie. So I thought I would give it a try.

Side note - Yes I do read other blogger's posts. Usually you have to capture my attention with a well written title though.

Anyway back to Yuwie, it is somewhat like MySpace or Facebook with the added benefit of making money. The earnings are based on page views. Every time a logged in member views one of your pages or you view one of your control panel pages you earn a page view. Yuwie's example shows them paying at the rate of $0.05 per 1,000 page views. The TOS indicates that the Revenue Share Rate [RSR] is subject to change. Wow, now that I have done the math it doesn't seem like much but if you have a good downstream referral group you could consivably make a fair amount of money...although probably nothing like the example of over $10,000 per month.

So far I've been signed up for about an hour and have 44 page views. Those are mostly from me mucking about trying to figure things out.

If Yuwie sounds like something you might be into please join under my referral link. It doesn't hurt you but helps both me and the blogger who got me to sign up.

Contest notes: Tomorrow I should be able to calculate a winner for the July CentSports Contest. I'm going to be running a new contest in August. Anyone who signs up or has already signed up as my referral for either CentSports or Yuwie will be automatically entered to win 750 ECs. Good luck to all who enter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cisco IT Certifications

At one point in my career I was the Vice President of Finance and Technology at a largish financial institution. Our Wide Area Network (WAN) was all Cisco equipment so it was important to have staff that had earned a Cisco certification.

For many years we depended on outside vendors to supply support for our Cisco equipment but that could be problematic when a problem arose and we needed to wait for the vendor to arrive on site to correct the problem. So I decided to have staff get certified. As a reward for passing the certification I gave my employees a pay increase and announced in the employee newsletter the fact that certain employees were now Cisco certified IT professionals. Nice perks for the employees who made the effort to become certified.

Even though I was paying them more I felt that it was worth it. It improved the financial institution's branch uptime and those employees were able to bring me ideas on how to better manage our WAN.

We were able to implement technologies like VOIP that required our Cisco routers to be configured correctly it was great to have Cisco certified IT pros on staff. Switching from a regular phone system to VOIP was a great cost savings that more than paid for the certification costs and the pay increases that the employees earned.

These employees were given preferential treatment when applying for new positions because of their skills and willingness to learn. So be willing to learn and let your employer know it!

Sponsored by Cisco

Friday, July 25, 2008

July's CentSport Contest top three

With less than a week to go the race in my CentSports contest has tightened at the top. At last report "E" had a $4.63 lead over "J" and "R" was treading water at $0.13.

Current top three:
ES $4.82
JK $2.48
RG $1.42

"JK" & "RG" made some nice progress while "ES" is off from a high of over $5.00.

As you can see the lead is not insurmountable so if you would like to join in the fun visit CentSports. The next contest will be based on the Crony Bonus which will be easier for me to track and give new Cronies a level playing field. Look for details before August 1st.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PW Payment

Project Wonderful issued my payout this morning. And I'm a third of the way to my second payout. Now if Google Adsense would finally reach $100.00 I would be ecstatic.

ADSDAQ is getting close to $10.00 so I will be requesting a payout from them soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My first Project Wonderful payout.

My Project Wonderful account reached $10.00v this past weekend so I decided today to withdraw $10.00 from the account [which stands at $13.03 as I type this entry]. $10.00 is the minimum withdraw that is allowed by Project Wonderful. I gave them my address to credit, I'm a little nervous since this is my first transaction. It should be fine [I hope].

I submitted my request which now much be approved by the kind folks at Project Wonderful [PW]. I'm not sure what criteria might result in my request being denied so I've got my fingers crossed that they will allow me to withdraw the $10.00 that I've earned.

Currently I am earning over $0.50 per day through PW but that amount is very volatile. For a short period of time I was actually earning more than $1.00 per day. Obviously not a huge money maker but better than nothing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comment anyone?

All right I am a lemming, following the pack to our mutually inevitable destruction at the hands of Entrecard [and Digg and SezWho, aka the evil triumvirate of the blogger's world]. This week Entrecard announced their partnership with SezWho that allows Entrecard members to earn Entrecard credits by commenting on other member's blogs. The idea is to create a more beneficial blogging community.

I signed up for SezWho the other day and finally got the code installed on this blog. You would think that you could get the code from their website but apparantly you can not. I had to request the code be sent to me. I think that SezWho is have some technical difficulties.

So go ahead and comment and I will see if Entrecard's Graham is correct about the importance of commenting.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Scour the web for money

This morning I signed up with Scour to earn points, and eventually cash, by searching, commenting on the search results and voting on the search results.

Sign up was painless and they started my out with 50 points. You can also earn points by inviting your friends [consider yourself invited...just click the link]. For every four points your friends earn you earn one.

Payouts start at 6,500 points for $25 then go to 12,500 points for $50 and finally 25,000 points for $100. They payout in Visa gift cards.

Friday, July 11, 2008

July CentSports Contest Update

I am running a contest for my CentSports cronies [referrals]. The crony with the largest account balance at the end of July wins my net winnings from July. It is not to late to join, plus I'm planning future contests for my cronies.

Today's top three cronies:

E: $5.13
J: $0.50
R: $0.13

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My top droppers for June

Thanks for the drops!

Living Within Samsara 26
America's Beach Bum 25
Happy Alone 24
PSX Gamer 22
Nice2All 19
E-business Ideas 19
SurfJedi's Musings 18
Michigan Beach Bum 17
WOW Factor 17
On becoming a 2%er 16

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moola v CentSports wrap up

Well, here are the final totals for June's Moola v CentSports challenge. Thanks to everyone who joined either of these sites as a referral of mine!

CentSports: $2.91
Moola: $0.46

I find CentSports more entertaining. That's probably because I'm a guy and like sports. Moola is a little bit frustrating because it takes so long to win a decent amount of money. But I guess that is the nature of the gambling beast. I will keep playing, probably while watching TV but I'm not going to invest a huge amount of time into Moola.

As you may have read, the July Challenge is for anyone interested in joining CentSports as my referral. The referral [aka crony] that has the highest balance at the end of the month will win the net amount of my July wagers. Seven readers have taken me up on this contest so far.

If you decide to join the challenge be sure to accept my friend request so I can easily track everyone in the challenge. Good luck everyone!