Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Digg you you Digg me? allows users to share interesting articles, blog entries, webpages with other people. Just visit the site and you will see newly dugg articles. If other people like the item you dugg they can digg it too.

How does that benefit a person who is blogging for money?

The quick answer is it can generate traffic. As a matter of fact it can generate a lot of traffic. My "Pay yourself first....and last" post from last week was dugg just four times but it was the highest traffic day so far for this blog. As a matter of fact it was a 41.6% over the next highest day's traffic. Ok my numbers aren't very big but to me it is still exciting.

I use FeedBurner's feedflare in my blog to make it easy for people to share my posts. Adding the feedflare code to my blog creates a set of links at the bottom of each post. The links are customizable and I picked four that I think will get a good marketing spread. Digg has been the most effective so far, although the FaceBook link has given a nice amount of traffic as well. Not as much as Digg but the traffic is all free.

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