Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trials & Tribulations

I had been planning on posting some information about FeedBurner and how I use it with this blog to monetize my RSS feeds. However that blog post created a situation that I felt was important to fix before continuing my posting ways.

The sidebar was being forced to the bottom of my blog. BAD!!! Two of my Adsense ads were pushed out of view not to mention the links to my other sites. I tried to delete and repost. No luck. I tried a couple of other Blogger templates. Still no luck. I looked at the code for the template and searched online for help. I discovered that my new posts were a little bit wider than my older posts and this will force the sidebar down the page. There were a lot of similar issues but none of the suggestions were able to fix my problem.

At this point I decided to try some of the other templates. This one works for now. Perhaps soon I will try to fix the problem again but for now I'm happy to have my sidebar back and can post new entries. Yeah!!!

Next time I'll repost my FeedBurner entry.

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