Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SwagCode for new registration

If you haven't signed up for SwagBucks. Now is a good time to do it. I have a SwagCode that will give new registrants 5 SwagBucks to start. Just click the banner and use the SwagCode of "NEWBIE." This SwagCode expires Friday July 24th 2009.

Search & Win

The do your searches through the SwagBucks web site and "win" SwagBucks that you can redeem for prizes. I'm up to 270 SwagBucks so far.

By clicking the banner you register as my friend and I'll earn SwagBucks when you earn SwagBucks. Thanks for the consideration.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BluFrog contest

Have you ever heard of BluFrog? Well it is a new "healthy" energy drink. And they are sponsoring a bunch of contests. The prizes include a gaming package, a New Years Eve trip to NYC, a trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago, a Richard Petty Racing Experience, and a trip to the X-Games in Aspen.

Hmmm, which prize would I like to win? A trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago would be my pick. Listening to tunes by the shores of Lake Michigan [one of my favorite lakes even if the surfing is not the greatest] sounds like the best prize of the bunch to me. But hey I'm just a beach bum, what do I know.

Afterwards I could cruise up to Michigan and visit the Michigan Beach Bum and hang out at the beach in Holland or South Haven. That guy is always up for a game of beach volleyball which I love. I would probably crash at his place for a week or so. Maybe give him a hand painting the "beach shack."

It is probably about a two to three hour drive from Chicago. So it is pretty close, comparatively. I haven't seen him since the spring break get-away to Myrtle Beach, SC. Good times.

Back on topic...You can enter by tweeting on Twitter, leaving a comment or writing a blog post.

I'm not an energy drink drinker so I've never tried BluFrog...just saying.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Enjoy the holiday! I'm heading out to the beach for the day. I'll probably watch the fireworks on the beach before returning home.

I sure am enjoying the summer but it seems to be going to quick. I need to make an effort to spend more time in the ocean before fall comes and the water temperature drops.

That's the bad part about the 4th of July....a good hunk of the summer is gone when it rolls around.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Survey challenge wrap up

The final numbers for the head to head survey challenge have been tabulated. The two contenders are Opinion Outpost [OO] and My Survey. The results are:

Surveys offered to me:
Opinion Outpost: 39
My Survey: 5

Surveys I qualify for:
Opinion Outpost: 10
My Survey: 5

Dollar value of points earned:
Opinion Outpost: $15.00
My Survey: $0.90

Obviously Opinion Outpost has is a winner based on earnings and opportunities. The only complaint that I have with OO is the number of surveys that I didn't qualify for. I feel that they should be able to do a better job of pre-qualifying before offering a survey.