Thursday, January 29, 2009


CentPoker is another website from the same folks that brought us CentSports.  After you sign up they give you 100 chips with which you can play poker against other players.  If you loose all 100 chips, no worries they give you another 100 to play with.  Similar idea to CentSports when you loose you will still be able to play.  

If you like poker and don't want to risk your hard earned money this is a good option.  I've taken my 100 chips and now have 1,677 chips in my account.  These chips represent my percentage of the community pot.  The community pot is the amount of advertising dollars that CentPoker has earned.  As of today the community pot stands at $1,500 and my portion of this pot is a whopping $.21 but as my chip total increases and the pot increases my portion will increase.  

Disclosure:  If you join through my link I will earn 10 chips every day that you login and play.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First private ad sale

Yea!!!! I made my first private ad sale recently. Not a huge sale but a sale none the less. I was contacted directly via email. I have to admit that the initial inquiry itself was pretty exciting. I emailed back and forth determining what kind of ad placement was wanted and ultimately made an offer that included ad spots on three websites for a month.

My offer was accepted and payment was made. So up went her ads. I hope that she likes the results and would like to continue the relationship going forward.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turning a closet into a pantry

With the economy in the dumper we decided that saving money should be a priority.  And one way to save money is to purchase in bulk when items are on sale.  When you purchase in bulk you need a place to store the items.  Of course one of our largest monthly bills is groceries.  Hence the pantry.

The closet is just inside the door to the garage by the kitchen so it is convenient for food storage.  We use to hang coats and put footwear underneath but we decided that all of that could go in the closet by the front door.

So off to Meijer to purchase some shelving.  Close to $100.00 later we have four good sized shelves ready for food.  It could have been less expensive but we wanted something that looked fairly nice.

We will now purchase canned goods, boxed meals, juice, paper towel, napkins, Ramon noodles, etc in large quantities when they go on sale.  The pantry will also allow us to see exactly what we have without trying to find something buried in a cupboard.  Having the pantry was an expense up front but in the long run the savings will be much greater.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to my CentSports cronies

I have had several people join CentSports through my links. When this occurs they become a crony. As a crony when they win I win. When I login to CentSports most days I have what I like to call the "Crony Windfall." It usually runs between $.05 and $.25 but recently my cronies have been doing really well and I actually received $.93 yesterday.

Another day like that along with some successful bets of my own and I'll exceed the $10.00 mark for the first time.

Thank You Cronies!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Giving YouData a shot

One of my newer income alternatives is YouData.  Basically you setup what they call a MeFile and then you get paid to view advertising.  

The MeFile contains bits of personal information that help YouData match you with advertising.  When you view an ad it is called selling you attention.  You will typically earn $.20 per ad that you view and visit the advertiser's website.

In about a month I have sold my attention for just under $3.00.  They don't have ads to view everyday but there is usually one or two a week.  YouData does take a fee out when transfering your weekly payment to PayPal.