Friday, February 15, 2008

Get rewarded with rewards programs

Ok, I'm pushing the envelope by applying the income definition to rewards programs, but hear me out.

When you use a rewards program and actually receive cash or merchandise without modifying your behavior so that you spend more money than you would have spent otherwise, that is "earnings."

One of the easiest rewards programs that I use is SpeedyRewards at Speedway gas stations. I need gas for my car once a week or so and the closest gas station to my house is a Speedway so I whip out my rewards card and swipe it before pumping gas and I earn points for every gallon I pump. I resist their sales ploys of offering bonus points for buying certain items. And occasionally they offer 2-5 cents off a gallon of gas when you use your rewards card. I do make other purchases from Speedway but I make an effort not to overpay for merchandise and not to buy anything that I wasn't planning on purchasing. Reward points to date: Close to 33,000. No actual rewards paid out so far.

Best Buy also has a rewards program that I've been using since Christmas 2006. I've made some smaller purchases for work & Christmas and one larger purchase and have received $35.00 worth of "coupons" for purchases at Best Buy. I was planning on purchasing a new LCD TV and using the coupons to reduce my expenditure, due to a possible outlay the TV is on hold.

I like Mexican food so the Q-card from Qdoba is perfect for me. So far I have received 2 free burritos. Free meals!!! Not bad.

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