Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm missing $5.00

I was looking at my MTurk account [See this post for info on MTurk] and discovered that the dashboard's total of $40.13 did not match the current balance under my account. I believe the difference which is an even $5.00 is from a single HIT that I had completed. I was kinda wondering if I would actually get paid for it.

I thought all was fine with it when the dashboard total increased by $5.00. But now I discover that I am $5.00 behind where I thought that I was. Disappointing.

My next step is to contact MTurk support to see what the deal is. I don't have much hope for reclaiming the $5.00 but it is worth the effort of trying by typing an email to them.
My goals are still being missed. Although last week I was stuck in the quagmire that is Blogger I was able to get some work done.

I am restating the MTurk goal to $40.00 by the end of November due to my little set back.

I only posted twice to this blog last week. 50% of goal

No posts to Albatross on the Horizon. 0% of goal

New goal to track.
I have been sending a "word of the day" email to a small email list. Within the email I have been referencing at least two of my web sites. One is a sponsor site and the other is a site where I have used the word of the day. My goal for this task is four per week. If you would like be included in this list email me.

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