Friday, February 15, 2008

Monetize your web presence - part 1

Of course you need a web presence before you can monetize it. So lets start there.
First you will need to select a topic, a focus if you will, of your web presence. Obviously the focus of this blog is making "money" [ok, sometimes it isn't money]. Once you have a topic you will need to decide if you will purchase your own domain like or use a blogging website like I'm using both right now. Right now I have six working web sites that are generating a little bit of income.

After you have decided if you want your own domain or not you will then select a web address. This can be troublesome because the address you might like may not be available. I wanted and when that wasn't available I tried to get which wasn't available either. So I settled with Also I originally wanted but once again I was denied. That lead me to select which I like just as well as the other one.

Tomorrow: part 2 acquiring a domain and hosting.

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