Thursday, February 21, 2008

No goals met last week

No posts for last week. Goal was 2 posts.

1 post for this site last week. Goal was 4 posts.

No updates for The goal is 2 by month end.

Obviously no posts from Orlando. I did visit Downtown Disney a couple of times and purchased some souvenirs. I also visited the Orlando Ale House and had the Jambalaya...very good!
The training was pretty intense down there. Learned a lot.

The flight was on Spirit Air and the "premium" seats were very nice. The seats were a bit wider than normal seats and I had plenty of space to stretch out. The Spirit terminals were smallish and the one in Orlando was being renovated.

All in all a good trip. But always good to be home.

I'm not an expert in Linux as all my pre-Ubuntu attempts at using Linux were doomed to failure. My initial efforts using Ubuntu have been successful. I created a boot CD and can boot into Linux from the CD. I can also browse my network via wireless. That is as far as I've had time to achieve. The over all plan is to install a copy on my server and host some of my websites from there. I'll update as I go through the process.

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