Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sports betting with CentSport

First I found Moola now I've discovered CentSports... online gambling has never been so free! Just like Moola, CentSports gives you money to gamble. Moola starts you out with $.01 and CentSports starts you out with $0.10 and in both cases if you lose all your money they give you more. As a matter of fact neither site allows you to add money to your account. You can, however, recruit your friends, family, random strangers and your blog's readers to become your "cronies" and if your CentSports "cronies" make a winning bet you benefit as well. To the tune of 5%. The site is supported with advertising which is just like Moola.

You can bet on NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, AFL and a variety of soccer matches. There are spread, over & under and moneyline wagers. And you can select multiple games for a parlay bet.

My first wager was last night and I selected the Pistons to cover the spread. Bad pick. Not only did they not cover the spread they lost the game. So now I have a new dime to work with. I placed a parlay bet on two baseball games tonight. I'm betting $0.10 to win $0.4302...go Tampa Bay and San Francisco!

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