Monday, May 19, 2008

Cool new features at EntreCard

I logged into EnterCard this morning before checking my email and noticed a new tab for Linked Blogs on the dashboard. Well I went ahead and click the tab to check it out. I discovered that EntreCard now has a feature where you can link two or more of your blogs together. With this feature you can easily switch between blogs without going through the logout and log back in process. You can also transfer ECs back and forth between blogs without limits.

This new functionality made me think that it was time to add a third blog to my EntreCard portfolio. I had just added this blog on May 5th and have seen dramatic traffic increases just as I did with America's Beach Bum. So this morning I've added PSX Gamer and linked ABB and Income Alternatives. It should help streamline my EC dropping.

Also new is EntreCard's E-Book, which I'm looking forward to reading. It looks like it will walk the reader from phases noobie through expert. My quick peak indicated screenshots and how-to's.

EntreCard also has a couple of contests going on. Check out the details.

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