Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My EntreCard dropping process

While dropping EntreCards a couple of weeks ago I came across a poll on someones blog asking EntreCarders what is their method of dropping EntreCards. So that gave me the idea to share my method.

I have two EntreCard accounts. I log in to one and click the left most EntreCard on my dashboard screen. I click through to that web site and make my drop. I then follow the EntreCard on the widget to surf to the next next blog and make a drop on that site. I continue to surf through and drop until I hit a dead end like a blog that I have already dropped on. While I'm surfing the EntreCard widgets I open new tabs in Firefox with each new blog and close the tabs that I've already made drops. I leave the original tab open so I can return to my dashboard and click the next EntreCard moving left to right. Sometimes I have eight or so tabs loading new pages or waiting for me to drop and close.

I like FireFox for this because it opens the new tab to the right of the existing tabs. Internet Explorer opens the new tab to the right of the tab that I'm opening the new tab from. It isn't as efficient as Firefox

After running through all the EntreCards on the top of my dashboard I then start visiting the EntreCards in my widgets queue. That's my way of saying thanks for advertising with me. At that point I'll log out of one account and log into the other and start the process all over again.


LJP said...

It was great reading this because this is pretty much how I do my entrecard dropping!

Blake said...

I have never thought about dropping on my people waiting to advertise on my page, but it is a good idea and one I will practice from now. Thanks.
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