Friday, May 23, 2008

My first winning wager on CentSports

The parlay bet I made a couple of days ago on CentSports was a loser. I got the Giants as winners but the Tampa Bay Rays were clobbered by the Oakland A's. So once again my kind friends at CentSports gave my $0.10 with which to wager.

I decided to go back and pick the Pistons again. I know Boston was undefeated on their own floor in the post season at the time. Probably not a good time to pick the Pistons but I did...and they won. With my $0.10 bet I won $0.1739 for an account balance of $0.2739. My current win percentage is 33% and I'm feeling pretty good. My bets for today are the Spurs plus the points for $0.17 to win $0.1996 and another baseball parlay with the Angels and the Red Sox winning. My $0.10 wager would win me $0.2941. My account, if both wagers are won, will be $.7676.

Something kinda weird with CentSports. I invited my son to be my crony and he signed up and made a wager and now CentSports doesn't recognize his email address and he can't log in to the web site. I can see him in my friends list [he lost his wager by the way]. I may send him another invite and see how that works.


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