Friday, May 2, 2008

April Challenge Wrapup

April's challenge was Adsense vs ADSDAQ vs metal Detector. Poor metal detector. I only used it once and found a dime. I think that I will keep the metal detector in the mix for May's Income Challenge. I won't have time this weekend to use it because of our driveway replacement project but hopefully soon. Maybe it will break the ten cent record that it set in April.

Adsense was the easy winner over ADSDAQ and the metal detector.

Final results:
Adsense: $2.83
ADSDAQ: $.64
Metal detector: $.10

The challenge for May will be Adsense vs Project Wonderful vs metal detector. I think that Project Wonderful has a good chance of winning but I'm rooting for the metal detector. The main reason I'm rooting for the metal detector is that I actually spent money on it.

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