Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My CentSports Contest

So I have four people that have become my cronies and are automatically entered into my CentSports contest. One has done okay, one has not had good luck and the other two have yet to post a wager.

The crony with the most winnings on July 31st will win all of my net winnings for the month of July. It could be a little or a lot. It depends on my ability at making winning wagers and the money I have available to make wagers with. So the more cronies the more potential winnings will be available for a prize.

The current leaderboard:

E: $2.34
R: $0.10
J: $0.00
D: $0.00

I've just used my cronies' first initial for the sake of privacy. I'll add initials as needed to differentiate them. It is not to late to join in the CentSports contest. As you can see the lead is not huge so anyone could win this one.

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