Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May challenge's final numbers

Project Wonderful was leading about half way through the month but in a late month surge Adsense had a huge push and came out the winner. Once again the metal detector was slow getting on the board and once again it did it not have a good showing [$0.01]. Total earnings from the metal detector is $0.11, a long way from paying for itself.

I biked down to a nearby park with the metal detector in its bag slung over my back. I spent about 30 minutes searching the sand in the playground and discovered a penny. I would have been better off spending that time playing some games at Moola.

The final numbers for the three income sources in the May challenge are:

Adsense: $2.95
Project Wonderful: $1.96
Metal Detector: $0.01
Total: $4.92

1 comment:

Power_Admin said...

Well Stay positive.
I love the way you comment your earnings like a car race!
I'm not doing more than you do but to i will try to drop a comment on your blog everyday for a week.