Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moola v CentSports update

I've been spending way more time with making bets with CentsSports. My biggest win was a bet on the Netherlands v Romania game. I followed my son's advice [he's a huge Netherlands fan] and bet big [$0.75] on the Netherlands who were +200 on a moneyline bet. With the 25% from an advertiser I won a whooping $1.875. I learned later that he only bet $0.40 and didn't receive an advertiser bonus so he only won $0.80.

I did have a nice run of wins on Moola. I won six games in a row and pushed my play account to new heights. But then I lost, such is the life of a Moola player. I fortunately didn't wager everything when I lost so I still have a little bit in the play account. My savings account balance is $1.18. I transfer a penny here and a penny there depending on my play account balance.

Moola is offering a startup of $0.32 for new members so now is a good time to join. If you join through a link in this post I also receive $0.32 [as you can see I could use the help. lol].

CentSports: $4.52
Moola: $0.34

Update for my CentSport Contest that ends July 31st.

E $4.86
D $0.10
J $0.10
R $0.10

Since the last update E has more than doubled his money. While the other three have yet to win a wager. I wish them better [pun alert] luck on their future bets.


Lord Story said...

Whoa, I win Holland also, I really proud of them, Today I'm looking forward for Portugal, how bout u?

Jabber said...

I actually went with Germany