Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moola v CentSports - the Great Online Wagering Challenge

This month's challenge will be Moola v CentSports v Metal Detector. Again I will be rooting for the underdog [the metal detector]. As I tend to lose quite a bit on Moola I will only be counting money that I move into the Moola savings account. CentSports doesn't have a savings account so I will have to take the prior month ending balance and deduct that from the June balance. I suppose I could end up negative using that method but what the heck. It could mean that the metal detector has a chance at second place.

Totals through June 5th:
Moola: $0.11
CentSports: $0.11
Metal Detector: $0.00

Well this is kind of interesting, Moola and CentSports are tied five days into the month. It will be fun to watch this match up.

Anyone who does not have an account with either of these web sites has the opportunity to join as my referral and affect the outcome of this month's challenge. Both web sites give you the money to wager and they even give you more if you lose it all. So come on and join the fun.

Of my current referrals only my son has earned more than me on CentSports. Which gives me an idea for July. A CentSports' Referral Challenge. I will give all of my July CentSports earnings to the crony [referral] who has the highest total in their account on July 31st. The amount could be pretty big if I get a bunch of referrals. As of right now I have three cronies so good luck to all of you and anyone else who joins between now and July 31st.


dex-7 said...

No Democrats ever :

I want my share of money where is my share ?

Oh and where is all of the free money at ?

I want to know can you tell me ?

nick alongi said...

You start off with 10,000 "fictional" money each week....objective is to turn that into as much as possible by betting on sports games....You do not have to know anything about sports since this money is FREE.....spend the money by clicking on the teams you think will win.....After every week your account gets credited back to 10,000 "fictional" money to play with if you run out....

The person with the highest profits each day gets the daily CASH prize of $50, the highest profits for the week gets the weekly CASH prize of $500, and the person with the highest grand prize total gets the CASH grand prize of $10,000. And this is all REAL CASH....That ask "how can they afford that? There has to be a catch"- Absolutely not!!! They get paid by the advertising just like a facebook, myspace etc....

If you refer a friend you get an extra 1,000 in free play money, which means if you bet your free play money and the bet doesn't win it does not count against you, but if it wins your account gets that amount credited to your winnings....

picks said...
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Anonymous said...
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picks said...
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Anonymous said...
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