Monday, June 2, 2008

Dockers Contest

The Dockers contest is an opportunity for individuals to come up with a story about their Dockers and submit a video based on the story to NBC.

Here is the story about a day in the life of my favorite pants. It is first person as the pants.

I hang here by my cuffs in the dark. I know that at some point the sun will rise and my owner will wander over to the closet where I live and open the bi fold door that keeps me safe from the mean mean world in which we reside. If he decides to pick me from the array of clothing in the closet I will be flung around and his legs will slide down and out of the cuffs that I had been hanging from. A belt will circle around my waist and become strung around the loops to hold me in place. Socks will snuggle up to my cuffs and my cuffs will feel that the hangings was well worth the effort.

I hope that it is nice and sunny outside. I hate the cold and rain. I usually only spend a few minutes a day outside which is nice in the long cold winter here in Michigan. After the journey by car to my master's place of work I enjoy the day sitting on his comfortable chair. Another wonderful day out of the closet! Sadly at some point I must return to the darkness hanging by my cuffs.

Well that's my pants story for the Dockers contest.
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