Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying out another paid survey site

My first foray into getting paid to fill out offers resulted in my inbox being crushed with spam. The first website is not truly a paid survey site and I don't recommend it (cough) CashCrate (/cough).

This site (which I'll name after I decide if they are worth a plug or not) is a true paid survey site. So far I've been pretty happy with it. The number of surveys seems adequate and the points per survey are fair. I'm close to $20.00 so far and once I go over $20.00 I'll cash out. Once that happens I'll post my overall conclusions.

If I feel they deserve a plug I'll create an affiliate link that you can follow. I would earn $1.00 for each referral that completes a survey.

FYI: (cough)(/cough) is a SSHTML tag

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