Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking at expenses

Over the years I have occasionally done spot checks on my expenses. This is a prudent thing for everyone to do, especially beach bums. In the past I have made the decision to drop my newspaper service, to bundle my Internet-phone-cable, drop my cell phone service, and automate several recurring expenses in order to eliminate late fees.

This time I'm going to drop my home phone service. This one is scary as I don't have a personal cell phone. But I'll be saving close to $50.00 per month, which translates to almost $600.00 per year. So the question is can a beach bum, like myself, live with out a phone in this age of electronic communication? Time will tell.

I did purchase a MagicJack for $39.95 but it makes my Internet connection fail. I can use the voice mail aspect of MagicJack to let me know when people want to get a hold of me but I would have to email them to let them know I received their message.

My phoneless adventure will begin next week. Wish me luck.

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