Friday, March 6, 2009

YouData now offers a referral program

Yeah!!! Finally!!! Youdata allows members to refer others and offers compensation for it.

Quick refresher about YouData as I had a previous post about it. You signup [hopefully with one of my links] and fill out your MeFile and answer as many of the surveys as you feel comfortable with. You can then view targeted ads for money!!! You can even view targeted ads right from this blog by using the "adget" in the sidebar. Typically they pay about $0.05 per ad viewed. If you follow the associated link you will earn extra. A recent link was priced at $0.15. So $0.20 for about 20 seconds of my time. Not all bad. You do need a PayPay account to participate.

FYI: When using the "adget" you have the option to give me a tip. The tip is automatically set to 50%. If you do not wish to leave a tip [which is fine as I earn a tiny bit anyway] you will need to reset the tip meter to 100% going to you. I don't want anyone mad at me if they miss the tip meter setting. I did NOT setup the tip feature that way.

If you like to make a little cash here and there on the Internet this might fit into your endeavors. If so consider taking my referral link. Also if you are still reading, I will pay the first five referrals all of the money earned from their referral for one month to the PayPal account of their choice. It probably won't be much but in today's economy every little thing helps.


Angel Eyes said...

Hey! Thanks alot! Glad you posted this!

Janet said...

Thanks for suggesting it. I love programs like this, so I'll check it out.

Surfin' Sid said...

From what I understand women get more opportunities than men do. So you should do better than I have done. And I'm pretty happy with the results...although I wouldn't mind more ads to view.