Friday, February 13, 2009

My new rewards card plan

I recently acquired a Marriott Rewards Credit Card [MRCC]. It offers a points based reward system that is tied into their Marriott Rewards Account. I've been a user of the regular rewards account for a number of years. My old job had me traveling more than I am currently so the reward points have not been growing very fast. I am hoping that the MRCC will turbo charge my rewards account.

My normal bill payment method had been using the billpayer service from my credit union. The rare exception was using my debit card to pay my cable bill or actually writing a check [how 20th century]. I've started switching some of my bills to my MRCC.

In order to keep my credit card bill from getting to outrageous I've setup a recurring payment on my billpayer account to automatically send about half of my monthly bill total to my MRCC. This will also keep me from getting late fees. As I add new bills into my little plan I calculate a new recurring payment and update the recurring payment.

So someday maybe my bills will help me take my dream trip.... a vacation in the south Pacific to do a little surfing.

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