Thursday, January 29, 2009


CentPoker is another website from the same folks that brought us CentSports.  After you sign up they give you 100 chips with which you can play poker against other players.  If you loose all 100 chips, no worries they give you another 100 to play with.  Similar idea to CentSports when you loose you will still be able to play.  

If you like poker and don't want to risk your hard earned money this is a good option.  I've taken my 100 chips and now have 1,677 chips in my account.  These chips represent my percentage of the community pot.  The community pot is the amount of advertising dollars that CentPoker has earned.  As of today the community pot stands at $1,500 and my portion of this pot is a whopping $.21 but as my chip total increases and the pot increases my portion will increase.  

Disclosure:  If you join through my link I will earn 10 chips every day that you login and play.  

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