Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PW Payment

Project Wonderful issued my payout this morning. And I'm a third of the way to my second payout. Now if Google Adsense would finally reach $100.00 I would be ecstatic.

ADSDAQ is getting close to $10.00 so I will be requesting a payout from them soon.


Atniz said...

Wow.. Congrats!!!!

How much you earn from ProjectWonderful? Can you share it with us?

I have reached my adsense earning of $100 last month end.. expecting the check to arrive by next month early..

Jabber said...

I have earned $13.65 from Project Wonderful. I started with them the last part of March.


w/ adsense, once you get to/near the 100 mark; they disable your acct
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Anonymous said...

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suplado said...

is this true that adsense dis able an account once near to 100$?

Jabber said...

I don't know if that is true or not. I certainly would not think that a company like Google would play dirty like that. I'll be posting when [or if] I receive a check from Google.

wa0nez said...

Congrats for your payment.