Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comment anyone?

All right I am a lemming, following the pack to our mutually inevitable destruction at the hands of Entrecard [and Digg and SezWho, aka the evil triumvirate of the blogger's world]. This week Entrecard announced their partnership with SezWho that allows Entrecard members to earn Entrecard credits by commenting on other member's blogs. The idea is to create a more beneficial blogging community.

I signed up for SezWho the other day and finally got the code installed on this blog. You would think that you could get the code from their website but apparantly you can not. I had to request the code be sent to me. I think that SezWho is have some technical difficulties.

So go ahead and comment and I will see if Entrecard's Graham is correct about the importance of commenting.


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I have read several blogger's thoughts about sez who - I'm not jumping on the bandwagon right now - but I wish you luck :)

Shari Thomas said...

I've successfully installed it on all my blogs that I self-host (Wordpress script), but have yet to get it working correctly on my Blogger blog.

I refused to go with the "New Blogger" and therefore have to manually manipulate the template instead of dragging widgets around.

As for comments, can't say it's made any real difference yet, but I don't expect this to take off like a rocket. Steady, slow growth should provide a better way to make it all happen.

Bill said...

I'm not seeing the sezwho comment code on your blog. I like the idea of earning points for commenting, though I haven't seen the results yet.

goofblogger said...

The concept is sound. It will take some time to see if it works to a blogger's benefit. Good luck with your blog by the way.

Stine said...

I signed up too, but haven't tried implementing it yet. Not sure if I could handle it if it goes wrong... Anyway - here's a comment from me!

bambit said...

successfully installed sezwho on two of my self-hosted wordpress blogs. The first was rather difficult, as I had mixed up the accounts, but after I sorted it out things looked ok. I don't think it bumps up your traffic much, but it does allow your commenters to see other comments on other posts more easily and that may want them to visit more of your pages.