Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moola v CentSports wrap up

Well, here are the final totals for June's Moola v CentSports challenge. Thanks to everyone who joined either of these sites as a referral of mine!

CentSports: $2.91
Moola: $0.46

I find CentSports more entertaining. That's probably because I'm a guy and like sports. Moola is a little bit frustrating because it takes so long to win a decent amount of money. But I guess that is the nature of the gambling beast. I will keep playing, probably while watching TV but I'm not going to invest a huge amount of time into Moola.

As you may have read, the July Challenge is for anyone interested in joining CentSports as my referral. The referral [aka crony] that has the highest balance at the end of the month will win the net amount of my July wagers. Seven readers have taken me up on this contest so far.

If you decide to join the challenge be sure to accept my friend request so I can easily track everyone in the challenge. Good luck everyone!

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