Monday, September 20, 2010

Signed up for AdBrite

Many months ago I was kicked out of Google's Adsense because they claim that I had invalid clicks.  I tried to convince them that what ever had happened was not of my doing.  They rejected this and I lost that revenue source.  I was pretty unhappy.

So over the weekend I signed up with Adbrite to try to replace the Adsense revenue stream.  So far no earnings but I expect that to come over time.  I may have to tweak where the ads are on the web page in order to get the maximum effect.  I will leave the ads where they are for about a week before trying new locations.


Greg said...

Sometimes I think they..Google does it to get out of paying up.

I looked into adbrite myself, but haven't put any ads up yet.

Good Luck!

Dawn's Work at Home said...

I had problems with adsense on my work at home blog (I have 7 blogs total.) Twice they told me that I violated their TOS saying that I was encouraging people to click on ads. I wasn't but gave up with it on that blog. Not worth it lol! Now my other blogs are ok with the adsense, but I won't put it back on my work at home blog.
I wish you success with Adbrite :)
Have a great day,

Clara said...

I was disappointed when Google AdSense rejected my applications several times. But reading this made me realize that maybe it's just not that good.

I am with AdBrite. It may take a while before the ads begin to show but they will.

Health News Online said...

I once tried adbrite but I've never get results from adbrite. Although I also never got banned from adsense but I think adsense is still the best.