Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here is a thought...use the library

Stunning thought I know.  I had just reread the first three books of the Pelbar Cycle series.  I've owned them for a number of years and just decided to read them again.  But after finishing the third one I decided that I wanted to finish the series.  My first thought was to use my Mturk earnings to purchase the books on Amazon.  But I've been saving that money for a power washer.  It then occurred to me that I might be able to find them at the local library.

I jumped on the Internet and navigated to the library's website and searched the catalog for Pelbar.  I did get a hit for the first book in the series.  But not the rest.  I noticed that they offered inter-library loans.  After clicking that link and doing another search I found book four at a university library that I could request it sent to my local library.  Very cool...now all I needed was a library card.  

I stopped by on my way to the grocery store and signed up for the card.  While I was there I browsed the stacks and found a Tom Clancy book that I had not read.  I checked it out and requested book four from the Pelbar Cycle.  It may be a while before I spend money on my reading habit again. 

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