Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Survey challenge wrap up

The final numbers for the head to head survey challenge have been tabulated. The two contenders are Opinion Outpost [OO] and My Survey. The results are:

Surveys offered to me:
Opinion Outpost: 39
My Survey: 5

Surveys I qualify for:
Opinion Outpost: 10
My Survey: 5

Dollar value of points earned:
Opinion Outpost: $15.00
My Survey: $0.90

Obviously Opinion Outpost has is a winner based on earnings and opportunities. The only complaint that I have with OO is the number of surveys that I didn't qualify for. I feel that they should be able to do a better job of pre-qualifying before offering a survey.

1 comment:

Roy Blacksail said...

I tried the survey thing awhile ago but gave up on it. personally i felt that there wasnt enough surveys to make it worth my while on the sites I tried