Monday, August 18, 2008

SocialSpark blog summaries

I was recently reviewing my SocialSpark account and looking for new posting "opportunities" in order to boost my monthly income. I looked at my blogs and clicked the "view profile" link which oddly enough brought me to the profile for this blog. On the right hand side of the profile screen is a link to "view summaries."

On the summaries page SocialSpark displays a recap of your most recent posts. It also shows your most recent post as well as the option to view your other posts. The part that I like the most is it tells you how many words are in your post. Another area tells you what "entities" you referenced in your posts. Some of mine were: Digg, Google, PayPal and NBC.

Just thought that I would share this little known secret. At least I think that it is little known. ;)

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