Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homepages friends

I have just signed up with homepages-friends.com to earn money by searching the Internet. Wow what a concept!!! Ok we have seen this before but I thought that I would give them a try anyway. I ran two searches the other day and now have £0.03 in earnings. Pretty good start.

I'm also signed up with Scour where they operate on a points system that converts to Visa gift cards once you reach the appropriate levels. So far I'm up to 442 points. Half of those points have come to me through my 3 [yeah count them 3] referrals, thanks folks.

My third "income by search" endeavor is Swagbucks. I have reached 28 Swagbuck so far. No referrals [come on guys help me out!]. With Swagbucks you can select prizes once you have won enough Swagbucks for that item. It is so exciting when you win a Swagbuck...kinda like winning the lottery. Alright maybe not.


Anonymous said...

www.swagbucks.com is the best site on the web, i've won a bunch of giftcards and video games. i got a lot of my swag bucks from referring people to use the search engine.

luvikavi said...

there seems to be A LOT of ways to earn money online, haven't really gotten into it until the past few weeks.

I know cash crate also is a very good site, and its extremely easy to reach the min payout. You might be interested in that also


Get Paid Now said...

Swagbucks is ok but I love Blingo and Winzy!! If you haven't joined them you really really should! I have won many gift cards, an ipod, movie tickets, amazon gift certificates, cash. They are both great and both are free to join and win prizes for searching, and if you win, we both win.
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