Monday, April 28, 2008

My Moola update from the weekend

I had a pretty good run on Friday and Saturday on Moola. I had run my total up to $.16 and then went on a losing streak. After my 4 game skid I recovered and won a couple. Fortunately I had played a bunch of games at a lower lit evel so I wasn't totally busted. That is until I busted on Sunday morning [I played some games before getting ready for church. Maybe it was Karma saying I shouldn't play on Sunday.] Sunday afternoon I won two in a row and went to play a third game which I also won but on the screen that shows the results of the game I noticed that I had only won $.01 when I was expecting to win $.04. Apparently if you don't change the settings Moola will look for opponents at the level you select and will work down levels until it finds an opponent willing to play you.

I decided that when Moola does this I'll move some of those winnings to the savings account. Especially when the winnings are only $.01. Warning!!! When you move money into the savings account you can't move it back to the play account.

Of the three games I seem to have a better head for Gold Rush. Although I still have more than my fair share of losses in that game. I also play a lot of the Hi/Lo card game. I hate the rock-paper-scissor game and have only played it once.

Money in my Moola savings account: $.01

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