Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Metal detector gets on the board

In the Adsense vs ADSDAQ vs Metal Detector Challenge the metal detector is on the board with $.10. After digging up 4 paper clips, some scrap metal, 2 rusty nails and a razor blade on the beach in front of the Marriott OceanWatch Villas in Myrtle Beach I discovered a metal washer.

At this point I was getting ready to call it quits because the sun was down and I was working by the light coming off the resort. I began heading towards the wooden ramp back up to the resort while swinging the metal detector back and forth and received an indication of metal in the sand. I started digging and felt a round piece of metal about 2 inches down as I pulled it from the sand and looked at it in the dim light I thought that I had plucked a long lost penny from the sugar sands of Myrtle Beach. I later discovered that it was actually a dime once I was in proper lighting.

So what are all the totals?
Adsense: $.35
ADSDAQ: $.17
Metal detector: $.10
All three: $.62


Alba Fan said...

I like the fact that you are making money off adwords, but I love the fact you are using the metal detector. That is hilarious! I'll be checking back for updates now! Good luck bro!

Jabber said...

I almost got the metal detector out yesterday. But I had a ton of landscape rocks to move. Thanks for the comment!