Monday, June 1, 2009

Paid Survey Challenge 2009

As noted in my previous post, today I begin my paid survey head to head challenge. The two contestants are Opinion Outpost and My Survey. I signed up for Opinion Outpost(OO) in April and I've already received a check for $20.00. I signed up for My Survey in May and have not had a payout yet.

The challenge will consist of tracking the number of surveys offered to me, the number of surveys I qualify to complete and the earnings for filling out surveys. The challenge will run through the end of June.

Disclaimer: The link for OO is an affiliate link so I will earn $1.00 for everyone who signs up and takes a survey. I would recommend OO even if I was not compensated for the recommendation.


bangchoy said...

can asean blogger join this survei,
is it all member receive.. ?
i interest to join there..

Surfin' Sid said...

Hey Bangchoy,

Thanks for the comment. To answer your question: Opinion Outpost is open to people who reside in the United States and Canada.