Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some failures

I recently removed my Matched and Project Wonderful ads from this blog. As you may have read Matched has quit business, but before they did I was able to get $13.60 out of them. Project Wonderful is still in business, but I apparently did not follow their terms of service[TOS]. Consequently they suspended the ad boxes associated with this blog. Although I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong I do have a suspicion. I'm thinking that my paid posts through SocialSpark may be the reason.

If that is the case I'm fine with it because I earn more through SocialSpark than I do through Project Wonderful. I still have Project Wonderful ad boxes on some other blogs that I have not used for SocialSpark.

Another failed source of revenue was Webmasters4freebies. I earned a little bit over $25.00 before my blog was removed.

So now it is time to look for new revenue sources. Wish me luck.


elec_mechanical said...

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eric/BlogDeManila said...

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