Wednesday, October 15, 2008

£8.00 paid out from, finally.

After quite a wait finally came through with payment. I was paid a £5.00 sign up bonus and £3.00 for displaying a single ad. At the current conversion rate to dollars, I received $13.59.

I am planning on adding a few more ads so I can bump up the monthly payment. Although getting them to accept additional blogs has been difficult.

FYI: I don't know if they are still offering the sign up bonus anymore


Mia said...

Good for you, I signed up and never got the site approved :(

gregor said...

yes they still offer the sign up bonus. it's written in their index page. i've just registered myself, when will they send my sign up bonus? mia, did you get the bonus?

Tushar Dhoot said...

That's great to ehar.

I'm going to sign up for their site through you right now. Wish me luck.